Brewery technology

Pressure tank storage turnkey over 18,000 hl

We cover the entire production process from malt acceptance to the filling of the finished beer. Quality is always our top priority. For good reason, our customers include breweries of all sizes. Each beverage company has its own philosophy and associated requirements. We adapt to this with tailor-made solutions.

Fermentation plant

We offer you systems for the following processes

  • Water treatment
  • Degasing
  • Mixing
  • Carbonization
  • Pasteurization

Fruit juice production

Filter and mixing station

In addition to the tank farms necessary for the storage of the fruit juice concentrate including their control and cleaning, Hagen Eckert Engineering AG offers all the process steps necessary up to the bottling, such as water treatment, mixing, carbonation or short-term heating (KZE) from a single source. Of course, all parts of the system are designed according to the principles of hygienic design and designed for the use of CIP cleaning systems.

Mineral water production

Legislators have limited the options for influencing water quality in mineral water production. In addition to the filling systems, most of the system technology is only used for demanganization or iron removal, as well as the corresponding tanks for storage.