CAD construction

Complete process plants as a 3D model

For our plant construction and also on customer request, we plan the installation and arrangement of plant parts using modern CAD and 3D software. For this we employ our own designers, draftsmen and system planners. The CAD construction and simulation guarantee an ergonomic and optimal use of space.

Steel construction

Stages, stairs, pedestals and tested steel structures

Hagen Eckert Engineering AG’s range of products and services is as diverse as the requirements of its customers. This also applies to the area of steel construction. Our well-trained welding engineers plan and implement all steel structures for you, including in the regulated area

We offer you

  • Stage constructions with static verification
  • Manufacturers qualification according to DIN EN 1090
  • Hanging assembly of complete systems
  • Steel structures in the regulated area
  • Visitor and maintenance walkways
  • High quality even in confined spaces
  • Visually appealing solutions

Pipeline construction

Complex piping also with orbital welding device

Pipeline construction is our core business. With more than 30 in-house, experienced fitters, we are able to implement even the largest projects on our own. This enables us to react flexibly to customer needs at any time. The excellent reputation of our fitters has repeatedly been the basis for long-term business relationships. In addition to the common stainless steel materials such as 1.4301, 1.4404 or 1.4571, we also process higher quality steels or normal steel if required.

We offer you

  • Motivated and well-trained employees with valid welding passes
  • Stainless steel pipes in all nominal sizes
  • Use of common welding processes (TIG, MAG)
  • Choice of materials depending on requirements
  • Use of orbital welding equipment

Tank / Container construction

Individual production according to customer requirements

A wide variety of tanks are used in the various areas of the food industry, in the chemical industry and in pharmaceuticals. In addition to hygienic stainless steel tanks for tasks such as storage, mixing, dosing or fermentation, simple vessels for buffering gases or liquids are often sufficient, for example, for energy storage purposes. Hagen Eckert Engineering AG supplies custom-made tanks on customer request. We supply pressure tanks, insulated and / or heated tanks, tanks with agitators or tanks integrated in stage constructions.

Control cabinet construction

Decentralized periphery and complete control cabinets

Thanks to our electrical department, Hagen Eckert Engineering AG is able to deliver turnkey systems. We have permanent employees who carry out control cabinet planning, control cabinet construction, assembly and commissioning on site. Unless otherwise requested by the customer, standard components are primarily used here. In addition to hygienic versions of the control cabinets in stainless steel, we also offer electrotechnical solutions in potentially explosive areas according to the ATEX guidelines.

Process automation

Automation of complete production lines

The latest technology from Siemens is used in our automation department. All relevant process data of your production can be visualized centrally or decentrally by our experts. In addition, the automated processes can be started and monitored using a controller.

We offer you

  • Operator interfaces as touch panels or PC workstations
  • Individual access restrictions via different password levels
  • Different access options to central controls
  • Data recordings on a server
  • Quick problem solving via remote maintenance access
  • Cooperation with well-known automation companies

CIP systems

Compact systems in the smallest of spaces

CIP cleaning systems clean entire production lines without having to dismantle them (cleaning in place). To do this, cleaning solutions are pumped through the system’s tanks and pipes. Cycles enable cleaning liquids to be reused. The optimal concentration is monitored and adjusted through the conductance measurement. Sharpening with concentrates takes place automatically. By using coupling panels, a CIP cleaning system can be used for several production systems. For tank cleaning, there are target jet cleaners that achieve significantly improved cleaning results compared to conventional spray balls.

Latest filter and membrane technology

State-of-the-art production facilities, an experienced and competent team and short decision-making processes are the cornerstones of our success. We also provide innovative and effective solutions for filtration systems.

We offer you

  • Ultrafiltration
  • Revers ormosisi
  • Technological advice
  • Filtration plants for thickening milk
  • Concentration of process components in wastewater
  • Beer filtration

Pigging system

Minimal product losses through pigging technology

Less product loss due to the product ejection with the help of the pig. Fresh water consumption is significantly reduced due to the mechanical pre-cleaning of the pig. The environmental impact is falling rapidly by saving chemicals and avoiding product residues and waste in wastewater.

With the discovery of the butterfly valve, the newt techniques that had already been developed disappeared. However, pigging technology is becoming increasingly important today. Fresh water consumption and environmental pollution of the wastewater through the introduction of residual products and aggressive cleaning agents were of minor importance. The profit margin of the different products was relatively high, so that the product loss was accepted for an uncomplicated and above all faster production process. That has changed fundamentally in the recent past. Since these serious changes are far from being completed, pigging technology is becoming increasingly important in the area of ​​production.

Tank farm

Availability in a confined space

In addition to the delivery of high-quality tanks, the complete process technology is also part of our portfolio. As a result, tanks can be effectively combined into tank farms and different functions can be implemented. As a specialist welding company in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834 and AD2000 HP0, we supply tanks of all sizes, such as mixing tanks, batch tanks, fermentation tanks, pressure tanks or storage tanks. On request also in an insulated version and with process connections for temperature control.

We offer you

  • Use of modern double-seat valves to prevent mixing of product and cleaning medium
  • Renewal or extension of existing tank farms
  • Implementation of customer-specific technology requests
  • Coupling arches
  • Hose connections
  • Double seat technology