Backery industry

Continuous dough turnkey 6,000 kg/h

We have made a name for ourselves in the field of dough production. We use our state-of-the-art 3D CAD technology to design customized continuous mixing and kneading systems for our customers. As a specialist welding company in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834 and AD2000 HP0, we can offer turnkey solutions through our own production. Thanks to the manufacturers qualification according to DIN EN 1090, we can also design and assemble statically calculated constructions in the controlled area.

We offer you systems for the following processes

  • Dosing systems for dry substances
  • Dosing systems for liquids
  • Continuous mixing systems
  • Continuous kneading systems
  • Dissolving process plants for doughs
  • Back dough feeding systems

Continuous pre-dough turnkey 4,000 kg/h

Time is money! This knowledge also applies and especially to the production of baked goods. We therefore offer our customers in the area of automated pre-dough production as efficient as long-lasting production solutions. We always keep an eye on the specific requirements on site at the customer.

We offer you systems for the following processes

  • Dough production (ciabatta, rye, wheat, pretzel, pizza and bun dough)
  • Continuous sourdough lines
  • Continuous pre-dough lines
  • Cooled tank farms for liquid dough
  • Double-wall cooled piping systems

Egg processing industry

Pasteurizer for continuous liquid egg production

Extensive experience is a solid basis for success. Numerous systems for egg processing built by Hagen Eckert Engineering AG are now successfully operating in multi-shift operation. Continuous egg whipping systems and pasteurization of liquid egg are used.

We offer you systems for the following processes

  • Continuous system for serving eggs
  • Pasteurizers for fresh egg pasteirization
  • Cooled tank farm for liquid egg
  • Concepts for energy recovery
  • Close coordination with local authorities
  • Cleaning systems (CIP)

Dairy industry

Systems and process technology from a single source

In addition to the tasks in all other liquid processing areas such as storage, transport, loading or filling, special attention must be paid to hygiene and compliance with legal regulations in the dairy industry. Processes such as centrifugation, separation, pasteurization and homogenization typically take place. In addition to process technology, Hagen Eckert Engineering AG also offers automation and energy saving concepts and the associated technology from a single source.

Chocolate industry

Chocolate processing system

Process technology in the chocolate industry has a few special focuses. In addition to the use of special pumps and large cross-sections in the pipe system due to the high viscosity of the product, uniform temperature control and constant stirring are necessary. Depending on the options available, the pipelines can be double-walled in order to temper the product via hot water or electrical trace heating can be used. Pig systems are often used in the chocolate industry.